Composite Decking Board Marine 60

Marine™ 60
Premium Composite Decking

150 x 23 x 4800mm
Timeless elegance for higher demands

Inspired by nature and designed for outdoor life, you’ll find our natural fibers composite decking floors are beautifully realistic and highly practical with a timeless quality.
Deep ribbed with a plane finish on the reverse, exotic wood tones; reversible boards

Ipé, Walnut, Stone Grey, Charcoal, Beach Grey, Chocolate

In Stock
124,95 kr/lm
799 kr. / m2

Composite Decking Board Marine GP7116 Solid

Marine™ Jumbo
Composite Decking

225 x 31 x 3600mm
Inspired by the strength of nature, backed by evidence

Jumbo is perfect for heavy-use public places like theme parks, stadiums, seaside boardwalk, marinas and hotels. Its robust, barefoot friendly surface and a traditional and elegant look deliver decades of durable, low-maintenance performance.
Reversible boards

Beach Grey, Mahogany

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259 kr/lm
1140 kr. / m2

Composite Decking Board Marine Art

Marine™ Art
Composite Decking

130 x 19 x 4800mm
Bringing beauty to practicality

Marine™ Art planks offers 3D look and feel of authentic, rustic hardwood texture and show a variety of lights and shadows.
With deep wood-grain pattern and luxury plane finish on the reverse, exotic wood tones; reversible boards

Rustic Brown, Rustic Grey

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99,99 kr/lm
752 kr. / m2

Composite Decking Board Marine 40

Marine™ 40
Composite Decking

146 x 19 x 4800mm
Contemporary style that creates a big and lasting impression

Value-conscious homeowners choose Marine™ 40 for its traditional, natural wood-like look and low-maintenance. With such a surprisingly affordable alternative, there’s simply no reason to settle for staining, sealing, splinters and constant upkeep.
Reversible boards

Charcoal, Beach Grey, Chocolate, Brazilian Oak

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96,88 kr/lm
649,99 kr. / m2

Composite Decking Board Marine Classic

Marine™ Classic
Composite Decking

135 x 25 x 4800mm
Inspired by the Scandinavian design tradition

Marine™ Classic decking gives you more time to enjoy your outdoor space as they're easy to clean and last much longer than wood.
Grooved surface, authentic and natural wood colors; reversible boards

Beach Grey, Charcoal, Teak, Chocolate

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109 kr/lm
785 kr. / m2

Composite Decking Board Marine Sapphire

Marine™ Sapphire
Composite Decking

150 x 23 x 4800mm
High performance and quality

With its undeniable good looks and unmatched resilience, Marine™ Sapphire Decking is the ideal choice for a stylish, relaxing deck or any outdoor space.
Deep ribbed and groove finish on the reverse; reversible boards

Beach Grey, Charcoal, Teak, Chocolate

On order
124,95 kr/lm
799 kr. / m2

Deck Mounting Kit - Hidden Fasteners

650 kr. / box
( 6 - 8 m 2 )

Hidden Fastening system HidLoc™ - Stainless Steel

HidLoc™ deck fastening system allows for quicker installation, providing uniform spacing of the deck planks. The system eliminates unsightly screw heads and ensures that the deck is free of dangerous nail pops making nice to bare feet.
Provides 3 mm gap spacing between boards.

1 Box contains: ( 108 standard clips, 12 start/end clips, 120 screws, 1 drill bit, 1 screw bit)
Covers ca. 6 m2 with 400mm c/c joist span
Covers ca. 8 m2 with 600mm c/c joist span

Composite Fascia & Riser Boards

From 99,95 kr. / pc

Fascia & Riser Boards

Our Fascia and riser boards expand your horizons even further, letting you build distinctive and delightful features into your deck that enhance both its beauty and functionality.

Available dimensions:
80 * 10 * 2400 mm
130 * 10 * 2400 mm
230 * 10 * 2400 mm
40 * 40 * 2400 mm

Deck Pedestals

From 35 kr. / pc

Rhinofeet™ Deck Pedestal - Slope & Height adjustable

Rhinofeet™ slope & height adjustable Deck Pedestals elevate a variety of decking surface materials over Roof terraces, Roof gardens, Plaza decks, Balconies, Pool surrounds, Reflective pools, Raised technical floors, Under Solar panels, Temporary floors or Exhibition stands anywhere you want to build a deck.

Available sizes:
25 - 65 mm
65 - 140 mm
140 - 225 mm
225 - 450 mm

Composite Joists

From 49 kr. / lm

NaturPlank™ Composite Joists - Under Construction

NaturPlank™ composite joists provide strong and easy support to your composite deck. With NaturPlank™ joists, you can build your deck with the confidence knowing that the supporting structure is resistant to termites, splinters and decay. Enjoy the ease of a ground level deck with the confidence that NaturPlank™ composite substructure can provide.

Available dimensions:
40 * 25 * 3600 mm
70 * 40 * 3600 mm

Composite Decking - AB Karl Hedin
Composite Decking - Optimera
Composite Decking - Bauhaus
Composite Decking - XL Bygg

Green Plank® barefoot friendly composite terrace decking, fencing, planks and façade panels are made from a homogeneous combination of natural materials – wood/rice-hulls and plastic fibers. This unique combination of nature and technology offers all the beauty, strength, and variety of natural fibers and durability of plastic making Green Plank® composite products naturally, high-performance with greater resistance to moisture, mold, mildew, UV and staining.

Our composite decking products are being used for backyard-decks, marinas, leisure areas, promenades, boardwalks and many other residential and commercial projects, etc. Our composite planks are being used to build durable park benches, garden furniture and yacht flooring with a much lower life-cycle cost comparing other materials.

Marine Composite Decking Boards
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